Split Rock Studios

State Historical Society of North Dakota

Bismarck, ND

Split Rock Studios collaborated with staff at the State Historical Society of North Dakota to create exhibits for the permanent gallery. We combined dramatic hand-painted interpretive murals and diorama environments with the museum’s fossil mounts to bring North Dakota’s prehistoric past to life.

The Corridor of Time exhibits begin when the state was half-covered by the Cretaceous sea and dinosaurs roamed tropical landscapes in the west. Further along, hand-painted murals depict strange fishes and animals of the Paleocene, Eocene, and Oligocene eras. The final exhibits feature fossil remains of huge Mastodon and Bison Latifrons mammals from the Pleistocene.

A sculpted stratigraphy wall topped by a scale model of a drilling rig showing how fossils relate to specific energy deposits today, and how these geologic resources of oil and coal have put North Dakota at the forefront of national energy independence and financial security.


State Historical Society of
North Dakota


Split Rock Studios

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Concept planning
Exhibit design
Graphic design

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